Phase One:

Stirling Silva Inc. Our mission is to license our kitchen waste bin known as the [ Hasbinn ] for an upfront fee and a per unit royalty.
We are presently contacting many large companies with manufacturing and distribution channels. We have applied to the CBC Dragons Den and other Venture Capitalists.

Phase Two:

Stirling Silva Inc. will apply for a twenty year Patent which protects the function, method or use of an item, this is the most common form of Patent protection for technologies, products and methods.
After we have successfully licensed the Hasbinn, Stirling Silva Inc. will continue to offer our services as a sales and marketing company. we will offer our services to other inventors that need the professional structured business plan to get there product on store shelves .

Phase Three:

PCT is an International Application, a PCT streamlines the process of filing a Patent in up to 128 countries